We have a team of professionals providing filming, broadcasting, and commenting on lived broadcasts in eight languages. Our fighters who pass the qualification phase will be provided sponsorship with branded sportswear, which emphasizes the integrity and high statue of the USF promotion.

The brand metaphor is based on the reflection of the fighting spirit and indicates the unification of the championship participants into a single force of a universal global scale! It also declares the unrestrained energy of people who are strong in spirit and body and who are able to hurt each other. In the literal sense – break into champions, win world fame, a champion belt and the main cash prize.  

The unique design of our ring – VERTEX, is a hexagon with marked zones of the inner perimeter. The octagon is capable of hosting team confrontations, where opponents will be able to fight not only “one-to-one”, but also in pairs, team on team, comfortably moving inside the combat zone.